Engineering Lyceum of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Engineering Lyceum of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is a public school implementing two educational programs simultaneously: general and engineering. There are 1319 students and 125 teachers. Since 2011 Lyceum has carried out in-depth technology, science and mathematics education. Engineering framework program is integrated in all the lessons.

Lyceum cooperates and actively works with the social partners such as Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Geothe Institute, VU Confucius Institute, Education Development Centre, Robotics Academy. This enables pursuing a higher quality of education, creativity and a wider variety of ways of self-expression needs, the school community is constantly evolving.

The school updates the computer equipment each year. All classrooms are computerized with Internet access. Most of the classrooms are equipped with data projectors, smart boards. Teachers use tablets. Students learn coding, math with the help of tablet. Students have additional lessons: Robotics, chess, engineering, Project and Design, Programming, Media Literacy, etc. This school year FabLab was established.