Gaziantep Kolej Vakfi Ozel Fen Lisesi (Gaziantep, Turkey)

The Gaziantep College Foundation Private Science High School is a general secondary school located in Gaziantep, Turkey. It is fully accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education. There are approximately 300 students, total number of on scholarships: 100, total number of school teachers and staff: 50.

It provides a four-year program; students receive a program equivalent to grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. The school operates on a maximum of 40 academic hours per week. Depending on the students’ academic interest she/he will select a course concentration in: Science, Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geometry, Literature, Psychology, Language studies, English, Linguistics, secondary Foreign Language. Regardless of curriculum focus, by graduation all students have completed an extremely challenging curriculum. All of our students study for the Turkish National University Exam. The school supplies students with some additional, both curricular and extra-curricular educational programs and extend the educational offer according to pupils’ interests and capabilities. The school is constantly searching for opportunities for students with scholarship to make them follow other chances for educational, social and cultural improvement.

The school is a science high school with a very good academic atmosphere and has an eager staff for activities such as for robotics and coding, STEM activities, collaboration with city university for some laboratory works, preparing scientific projects for national competitions etc. And the school also has an art director who coordinates all the art classes, many different modern projects and works are organised.